Auditory elements of the human brainstem



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Highest quality, lowest bitrate, and lowest complexity audio compression technologies for mobile applications in the world.

Lowest Bitrate for near CD quality


• NEMx is the lowest bitrate codec for near-CD quality; surpassing eAAC+/HE-AAC v2 quality by 20% with only 2/3 the complexity.

Lowest Complexity


• NEM is far the lowest complexity decoder on the market for any ARM 7 or 9 processor and has quality equal to AAC+/HE-AAC v1.

• NEM is the only codec that can run in real time on any of the ARM 7 based platforms; eAAC+/HE-AAC v2 and AAC+/HE-AAC v1 can not.

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You HEAR when audio signals reach your cortex, the cognitive part of your brain.


NEM Technologies leverages the most recent scientific breakthroughs in  how the human brain hears in NEM Technology —  “Neural Encoding Model” Technology.



The NEM AUDIO CODEC exceeds all leading audio codecs in music reproduction  quality, including AAC (iTunes) and eAAC+/HE-AAC v2.  Optimized for mobile devices, NEM AUDIO CODECS beat the competitors with lower complexity.